Posted by: fdmanana | May 29, 2010

Message Passing Concurrency in Erlang

An interesting presentation (although nothing particularly new) from Joe Armstrong:

I’m a huge fan of Joe’s way of thinking and doing things – simplicity always embracing reliability.

Posted by: fdmanana | May 28, 2010

Using posix_fadvise

An interesting read about how to optimize IO performance by preserving the Buffer Cache state using the posix_fadvise system call:

Finally, a patch I submitted sometime ago for Erlang OTP got graduated from their “pu” branch to their “dev” branch:

This means it will get into the next official OTP release.

PS: it adds 2 new functions to the file module which are wrappers to the POSIX syscalls posix_fadvise and fdatasync.

Posted by: fdmanana | May 17, 2010

The wavefront pattern

An interesting approach to parallelize algorithms:

Posted by: fdmanana | April 24, 2010

Erlang OTP and fdatasync

Just submitted my first patch for Erlang OTP, which got merged into the official erlang/otp branch “pu” (proposed updates). Basically it adds a new function, file:datasync/1, which just calls the POSIX syscall fdatasync. Details at:

Posted by: fdmanana | March 19, 2010

Douglas Crockford facts

Funny facts about Douglas Crockford:

Posted by: fdmanana | March 18, 2010

Useful Git utilities

A couple of useful Git utilities:

Posted by: fdmanana | March 6, 2010

More Apache CouchDB patches

More CouchDB patches accepted:

Thanks to Adam Kocoloski for reviewing them.

Something I was looking for: streaming the body of an HTTP request in Ruby using Net::HTTP. These Ruby folks should definitely add documentation to all the standard library modules and classes.

The corresponding official Ruby doc for Net::HTTPGenericRequest is:

(just a list of method signatures)

What I was looking for has a nice example at:

Ruby folks shouldn’t assume that everybody has the time to read their source code to figure out how to use APIs.

Posted by: fdmanana | February 27, 2010

More Apache CouchDB patches committed

Just got yet more 2 Apache CouchDB patches accepted.

One for a bug fix regarding view indexes:

And another one which implements filtered replication (plus it adds a refactoring of the _changes handler):

It’s great to participate in such an interesting project with such a great community full of people with bright ideas.
Still cooking more patches for it.

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